Constitution and Rules


The league shall be known as the “THE MANCHESTER PREMIER LEAGUE” and shall be open to members of bona-fide clubs. The aim of the league is to promote the game of crown green bowls at the highest level; and to improve awareness of the game by attracting spectators and greater sponsorship. To this end the management council expects players and clubs to adopt a code of practice regarding standards, dress and behaviour on and around the green.

Rules and Bye laws

  1. The league shall consist of as many divisions as are deemed necessary by the management council.
  2. The annual affiliation fee for clubs taking part in the league shall be £300 per team, payable by the last day of January.
  3. A general meeting will be held annually, solely for the consideration of alterations to rules and bye-laws and match rules, and with all other business, including the annual financial statement, election of officers and arrangements for the coming season. Notices of motion affecting any rule or bye-law will not be considered unless received in writing by the Administration Secretary on or before 15th October. All clubs will be informed of the notices of motion within 7 days of this date and will be allowed until 7th November to submit any amendments to any notices of motion. At both meetings each club will be entitled to three delegates but only one voter per club.
  4. All trophies and prize money will be presented at a suitable time and place at the discretion of the Management council.
  5. The league shall be managed by a Chairman, Administration Secretary and a Management Council comprising of one representative from each club, the President completing the council. Each club shall nominate their representative to the administration secretary on or before the last day of April. At any meeting there must be at least seven members present in order to form a quorum, the chairman will have the casting vote.
  6. The league shall affiliate to the “Greater Manchester County Parks”
  7. The accounts shall be audited annually and a copy of the balance sheet shall be sent to each club together with the notice calling the general meeting in January.
  8. All disputes must be reported in writing to the administration secretary by the secretary of the club concerned, who will place the matter before the next meeting of the management council, whose decision will be final.
  9. The administration secretary shall convene a special general meeting within twenty-one days of receiving a request to that effect signed by the secretaries of not less than three clubs.
  10. Each club shall be furnished with a copy of the rules and bye-laws and the laws of the game and shall be bound thereby. In the event of an infringement thereof by any club or individual, then such a club or individual shall liable to a fine or expulsion from the league. Each club shall receive twenty handbooks free of charge.
  11. At any enquiry the management council shall have the power to require the production of any books, documents or other evidence, which they may deem necessary or desirable. In the event of any club declining to appear at, or co-operate in any enquiry or furnish such evidence as may be required; the council shall have the power forthwith to suspend such club or individual otherwise during their discretion.
  12. A list of players, numbering no more than 40, of affiliated clubs along with their BCGBA number to be forwarded to the administration secretary at least seven days before the first league match. All such players to be bona-fide members of that club at the time the lists are submitted.
  13. Names and addresses of the club secretary and league delegate to be forwarded to the administration secretary by the last day of March.
  14. A supplementary list of new players may be forwarded to the administration secretary by the last day of May, no more than 40 players to be registered by each club. All members playing in the league must be selected from the lists furnished to the administration secretary and they shall be in all circumstances be bona-fide members of that club at the time of their registration and when representing the club.
  15. No rule, law or bye-law of the league shall be altered, rescinded or added to without the consent of a majority present at the general meeting.
  16. Any club desiring to withdraw from the league shall give notice to that effect before the general meeting. Clubs wishing to withdraw and not complying with this rule shall be liable to the forthcoming season’s affiliation fee.
  17. Any club wishing to change the venue for its fixtures must apply in writing to the administration secretary who shall place the matter before the management council for their consideration. All such applications shall include detailed reasons for the requested change. Requests will only be approved if, in the opinion of the management council, the reasons given are valid e.g. the loss of an existing green. In all other circumstances the member club will be required to resign from the league and reapply for membership under its new identity. Re-applications will be considered alongside any other applications and be subject to the conditions laid down in Rule 18
  18. Any club desiring to enter a team into the league for the following season shall apply in writing to the Administration Secretary before the 31st July of the current season. Clubs will be required to satisfy the management council with regard to playing standards and facilities and any other conditions laid down in the code of practice for the league. A list of currently registered players and a fee of £100 as deposit to accompany any application and if successful in playoffs this will be used as part of the fees for the coming season in unsuccessful will be refunded. In the event of a number of teams applying exceeding the maximum number of places, a play-off may be arranged to determine the composition of the league for the new season. The play off should take place after the conclusion of the league season on a date and on a members green deemed to be convenient by the league. The game between the two teams should be decided by the aggregate. Should the aggregate be tied then the result should be decided by the numbers of winning games. Should that be tied then each team will nominate one player to play a game to decide the winner. Clubs are reminded that no player can play for more than one club per season.
  19. The management council of the league are the sole interpreters of these match rules, rules and bye-laws which shall be strictly adhered to and from their decision there shall be no appeal to law or otherwise.